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The Next Movement
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Three musicians that have played over a thousand shows together in a ridiculous amount of settings, making the stage their second home: The Next Movement, led by drummer/singer mastermind J.J. Flueck (reminding of Buddy Miles and Anderson Paak) alongside P. Kaeser on bass / synth and Sam „The Kung-Fu Man“ on guitar are fusing Funk, Neo-Soul, R’n’B with a musical nonchalance recalling Prince. Putting musicianship, entertainment and deep groove into the focus, catapulting Funk into the future, the Trio is truly bringing back „The Glorious Return Of The Funk“. Their latest self-titled Album „The Next Movement“ is easily the funkiest thing released in Europe lately. The band is more than ready to deliver their adventurous and compelling live-set out into the world.

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